Return to Yard Duty

Beautification Principles … for Property and Personal Growth

Put out the garbage: Delete all of the “shoulds” that natter in your ear in other peoples' voices

Trim the hedges and even the edges: Fine tune your skills, continue striving to improve and better yourself

Sweep the path: Remove any obstacles that prevent you from getting to where you want to go in life

Curb Appeal: Step back and get a glimpse of how others see you. Make a few changes, try something new … feel good about yourself … it can be very appealing

Open the shutters and wash the windows: Remove the blinders you're wearing to broaden your outlook and improve your view of the world

De-clutter: Sort through your mind ‘junk' and create some order to help you think more clearly

Prune the branches: Get rid of ‘what' and ‘who' is zapping you of your positive energy … let the positive chi flow

Recycle: Think globally and act locally … tap into your passion, recognize your gifts and go out and see where you best fit

Turn a worn out and tired ‘YOU' into a person of great value!!