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Thank you for your interest in our work, however Yard Duty is no longer accepting new clients.

It's official ... a family business ... 10 years old and growing like weeds!!

Spring of 2006, our family business was launched involving the sweat of my sons Dante & Vince, daughter Alena, friends Paula, Debbie, Sue & Janice, Marilyn, Bryan as well as myself. Combining our talents of both strength & savvy, we trimmed hedges, edged garden beds, spread soil, mowed lawns, planted & most importantly pulled weeds ...  even designed a few layouts for new gardeners.

As we worked like machines to the completion of the job, customers were happy with our teams' speedy efforts & attention to detail. Okay, in honesty, we did mistakingly pull some Baby's Breath from a jungle-like garden, mistook Primulara for a weed & oh yes, got a little carried away with one lilac bush ... but all has been corrected & customers left satisfied ... & that's what is most important!! Call or e-mail us if you feel you could use our services ... Yard Duty for beautification of your property!!

If you are one of those individuals who take great pride in your property, but lack the time, energy or desire to do something about it call me @ 905-844-9276. It would be my pleasure!!

Yard Duty, pruning, weeding, edging, cleanup 905 844-9276

Testimonial -- "This in tribute to Carole Bertuzzi Luciani, who has a part-time business doing yard clean up, and has taken the time today - for the 4th time since we opened our doors in Nov 04, to do a vigorous yard clean-up at Home Suite Hope, and as importantly, to work alongside a resident as they learn the skills necessary to maintain the labour of love that is a garden.

So I am writing to commend her services to you - should you need yard-work, she's the one. Call Carole Bertuzzi Luciani - Yard Duty - 905.844.9276

~ Wendy Perkins Executive Director Home Suite Hope Living Corp.

Articles to help you with your landscaping: Beautification Principles for Property and Personal Growth My Compost. Also check out our Yard Duty Facebook page. Check out our Facebook Yard Duty page

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