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It doesn't take much for someone to make our day … more miserable. This makes it more challenging for us to take control and strive to make the best of our day and ultimately feel good doing it. Here's a short list of ways I try to do just that …

… skip the first section of the newspaper … that's where the gloom is

… watch reality TV only to be entertained by the degree some people will go to for fame

… enjoy a morning coffee … if I don't, no one will enjoy me

… tackle a crossword … and complete it using every possible resource including my ‘emergency calls'

… try a cryptic crossword … but it's really only fun if I'm with Sue and Sandra

… hunt for, pick up and give away lucky pennies found on the ground … except it gets embarrassing when strangers don't want to take it from you

… talk to strangers … in the aisles of the grocery store, at the bank, in the line-up … anywhere I happen to be wandering

… play a sport … any sport … there's nothing like exercise exertion … just don't ask me to do a somersault … I have only ever done one and I thought I was going to suffocate as my head got lost in the jelly of my belly

… work in the garden … especially pruning … get outa my way when I have the pruning shears or a saw in my hands … especially if I am PMS

… people watch … you can never be bored when there are people around to watch, study and learn about

… spend time outside … the days of royal blue skies, sunshine and a trail of cumulous clouds are my favourites

… cuddling, smelling and nuzzling a baby … no more has to be said about this one

… watch one of my children or even someone else's child engaged in their passion … whether it be sport, an artistic endeavour or just doing what they do best

… giving people the shakedown … really trying to get to know them by asking them about themselves … I believe if we are willing to open up, take the time to get to know each other and reach the common denominator that draws us closer together, then the ‘6 degrees of separation theory' is true

… walking out of a dollar store with 12 desperately needed items … and not having spent $15

… speaking to an audience … having the opportunity to share my ‘gift' with them and knowing that I am in a very small way ‘making their day'

… sharing a laugh with someone … anyone … could be a stranger on the phone, a neighbour, the check-out person … now that's a great feeling!

… spending time with people I love a lot … you know who you are … you interest me, you make me better and you make me laugh … stealing from the “Accidental Tourist” script … “I like the way I am when I'm with you!”

… ahh! I feel better already!!

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