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My ‘Proud to Be From Oakville' Rant

I have both experienced and enjoyed every quadrant of our town … but proudly declare the northeast as the best place for my garden to grow … and besides, the taxes are lower there

I happily live in our starter home with 4 very different people who just happen to be related … and although my husband earned his income while working his butt off right here in Oakville … it's where I seek my pleasure

I have scorched myself at the waterfront Festival, schmoozed at Midnight Madness, bopped at the jazz Festival, shopped ‘til I dropped at Sidewalk Sales and worn a red nose at every Santa Claus parade

I've taken courses at Sheridan College, returned books late to our libraries, read entire magazines standing in Chapters, dined freely at Costco and travelled nowhere fast on the treadmills at our Rec Centres

I have given birth over and over and over again at OTMH … each time living up to our Italian Motto … “Let them know how you're really feeling!”

Bertuzzi Luciani Family I have been harassed by the woman who tries getting into strangers cars at intersections, Have cursed all the new roadways that don't allow me to turn left and have been known to chase down garbage trucks in my pyjamas as they fly along my street

My favourite time of year is Junk Week … I get great pleasure from shopping at Dollar Stores, love a bargain at Winners and have a Tim Horton's detector on my dashboard for the quick fix

I have been lost on our Heritage trail, have travelled to way too many wrong soccer fields and spent far too much valuable time sitting in traffic on the QEW

Although I love the many quick exits I can use to leave town at any time … it does not matter where I go … I love coming home … because I'm proud to be from Oakville … and P.S. I love my bed!!

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