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How Growing A Healthy Garden Parallels Child Rearing

  1. To grow a beautiful healthy garden requires an investment of your time and energy

  2. Have a plan to give you the boundaries you need to work within.

  3. Never plant a garden to emulate your neighbours

  4. Determine the best environment for optimal growth of your plants and remember ... all plants bloom at different times

  5. Just because a plant isn't doing well one season, doesn't mean you have to pull it out

  6. Although plants need their space to flourish ... they still require ongoing nourishment and attention.

  7. Even if you prefer a garden that grows wild ... at some point pruning is necessary

  8. Be patient ... plants need time to achieve their full growth and beauty

  9. Be open to sharing gardening resources with others ... you will discover while your garden is unique, the problem it might present is not

  10. The greatest joy comes from sitting back and savouring the beauty of your garden.