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I volunteer. . .

I vol-un-teer ... I declare out loud with pride. It's rewarding to be part of ... a movement so worldwide and since this year's 'of volunteers' ... of broad diversity. It means it's time to celebrate ... our own specialty

Each volunteer is but a thread ... Of this global patchwork quilt and as we intertwine our gifts ... something powerful's being built

Our loyalty is most valued ... our duties quite unique. We're the first to say “I will” ... when some help is what they seek.

We honour our commitment ... as our own lives get overbooked. We fill those voids that often ... can be so easily overlooked.

We aid the sick, coach, counsel youth ... contribute many ways. We organize, we sit on boards ... all seasons, nights and days.

We advocate, teach and drive ... we cook and craft and phone. We raise the funds to help the cause ... we're angels just on loan.

We befriend and reassure ... support where there's a need. We offer hope and optimism ... our touch on every deed.

We accept our roles responsibly ... broadening perspective as we do. We take the emphasis off of 'me' ... and place it on the 'you'.

We do what we know and if we don't ... we learn it in a snap. We come up with ways to do it best ... if need be, we adapt.

We offer traits so diversified ... it varies where we fit. We apply our skills and style ... and character bit by bit.

At best our situation is ...one known as a win-win. When it benefits both us ... and the service that we're in.

And it feels so great when someone ... acknowledges what we do and simply says in the rush of things ... I really must thank you.

There's something about recognition ... it seems to warm our heart and whispers to our spirit ... that we playa vital part.

Now, to answer the big question why ... do we participate by choice. Well, when we're part of something bigger ... we have a stronger VOICE.

We do it because we believe in It ... we do it because we care. We do it for how it makes us feel ... we want to do our share.

Some do it for school curriculum ... some as part of their employ. But most eagerly volunteer because ... it's something we enjoy.

We volunteer because we can ... we know that when we give. It adds a special dimension to ... how we choose to live.

We offer ourselves as the example ... of who is a volunteer. We do make a real difference ... it's worth a global cheer.

So, proudly be a volunteer ... and forget that word 'just' Let's talk it up and convince some more ... recruitment is a must

Now on that note of giving ... I hope we all agree. When you give of yourself it truely means ... my gift to you is me!

… Prepared and presented with pleasure in honour of the International Year of Volunteers, 2001

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