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New Orleans ... Habitat for Humanity

As soon as I heard the  news of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, I knew I wanted to help out in some way.  At this point in my life, I have more time to give than money, so I started looking into ways I might get involved. As I 'googled' further I discovered a cost effective way to help out through Habitat for Humanity. In the past I had been involved in a local 'build'  but any other projects I researched carried a high price tag.

But in this case, because the need for assistance was so great, a feasible opportunity was available. I was able to register to work for one week as well as register for accommodation & food at what they call Camp Hope.

Camp Hope is a renovated school which allows volunteers to sleep (cots in a classroom) & eat three well cooked meals a day. Seemed feasible, so off I went at the end of January.
The interesting thing about solo venture like this is that we force ourselves out of our comfort. It allows us to present ourselves in a new environment with no history, no labels & no preconceived ideas of who we are.

I love the opportunity to see what develops in these situations & to see what aspect of my personality presents itself.

Well, the week was a great experience. I spent my time taking part in as many varied work ventures that I could which included 'gutting',' a rebuild' and even a day spent helping out in a school. I met wonderful well intentioned people from all over the US & ultimately felt that I had helped alleviate some of the devastation in a miniscule way.  It was a very rewarding week & it was a pleasure to be a part of the strong chain of assistance.

www.habitat-nola.org & www.habitat-nola.org/volunteer/camp_hope

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Community Fundraisers … each year, I choose to speak to 10 local groups as a volunteer. To qualify … your ‘group' must be in the Oakville-Burlington area, must involve volunteers & or be a fundraiser of some kind. Think you might fit into this category … contact me today. Check out the community groups that heard my presentations this past year.

Last but not least, to share with you, I Volunteer poem.




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