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Belize ... Raising $15,000 for Mission Church Accomplished!!

It's a funny thing about setting a goal ... It makes me determined to reach it!! The goal was set a month after my return from volunteering in a Catholic Mission in Belize. I decided to try to raise enough money to build a village church in a small town at the Guatemala - Belize border.

All monies were raised locally through a variety of projects including gardening, presentations to school groups, service clubs & churches, hosted dinners as well as all honorariums received from my community service talks.

I would like to thank the following groups and individuals for believing in the project and deciding to be a part of it…

Click on each to see contributing participants:

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The latest update on the building project is that they are combining their collective funds and building both a church and a school…Yeah!!!

Next up…building homes in the Dominican?...a school in Africa?...I'll keep you posted on my plans!!


There are many more volunteer events I am involved in, click on these links to learn more:

Community Fundraisers … each year, I choose to speak to 10 local groups as a volunteer. To qualify … your ‘group' must be in the Oakville-Burlington area, must involve volunteers & or be a fundraiser of some kind. Think you might fit into this category … contact me today. Check out the community groups that heard my presentations this past year.

Last but not least, to share with you, I Volunteer poem.

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