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Red Nose Campaign … I love a parade. One year, while enjoying the local Santa Claus Parade with our family, I started thinking how much fun it would be to be in it. So, in 1993, we gathered a ‘Fun Group of Families and Friends from Falgarwood' and entered as a group of clowns!

Two years later, after seeing red noses being sold in the Toronto parade, we decided that the same could be done in Oakville. Each year since 1995, this group has entered the parade and sold the noses for local charity. To date, 10 local organizations have benefited from their efforts and over $20,000 has been raised.

Special thanks to our wonderful friends and families who have helped out over the years … the Brittain's, Luciani's, Ralph's, Boot's, Yager's, Liska's, Rice's, Liebregts', Eckeland's, McKay's , Languay's, Turney's, Turnbull's, Plyley's, Perrin's, Hildebrandt's and all of the young people who have donned an outfit and red nose to support the ‘cause'.

Santa Claus Parade, Oakville Beaver

Red Nose Sales Continue ...

The Oakville Parent Child Centre staff were most appreciative when our 'Fun Group of Families & Friends from Falgarwood' chose them to be the recipients of this years' funds. Thanks to the 'soft sell' approach of our numerous clowns, over $3,000 was collected & handed over.

Some of our past beneficiaries ...

1995 OTMH $953
1996 Halton Women's Place $1693
1997 Special Olympics $1706
1998 Halton Rape Crisis $1617
1999 Wellspring $1800
2000 Breast Cancer Awareness $1765
2001 Big Sisters of Oakville $2300
2002 Dreams Take Flight $2000
2003 Rose Cherry's Home $2700
2004 Cardiac Care Unit $2847
2005 Oakville Red Cross $2535
2006 MADD Halton Chapter $2438
2007 Oakville Parent-Child Centre $3035
2009 Wellspring $1000
2009 Kerr Street Dream Centre $3000
2010 Wellspring $3600

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