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Whenever the season of Lent approaches, we fall back on the familiar question from our childhood of "what are giving up?" Typically, our range of responses would include candy, lieing, hitting my sister or stealing from the penny jar. As adults, we often use this season as an excuse to kickstart a diet or a time begin to break away from a destructive routine.

Well, this is not as much about the religious calendar as it is about the theme 'Giving Up'.

All around us we see, hear and read of individuals who are making significant sacrifices to bettering their neighborhood, community or other parts of the world. The opportunities for giving are endless. Unfortunately, it seems that '80/20 ratio' also applies to volunteering ... eighty percent of the effort made is coming from 20% of the people.

My personal theory is that if each person chose to do just one thing to improve their world, can you imagine the effect it would have. But so many have excuses. Excuses that draw on work commitments, time restraints, 'busy-ness and busi-ness'. You readily hear responses like
"yeah, I think I might do that one day" or "I just can't seem to find the time". If they only knew the benefits of 'giving', it wouldn't be seen as an arduous. But truely, you have to experience that first hand to fully understand the rewards of your efforts.

Here's the challenge ... step out today & just 'give it up!" ... give up some of your cash, give up some of your time or give up some of your energy to make something happen. We can't all donate a million dollars to fund the building of a cancer unit, nor do we all have the available time to be a weekly committed volunteer on a much need service in the community.

But, we do have something we can 'give up' ... it just requires some attention to what it is you have to offer, the desire to offer it & the commitment to follow through.
C'mon, I challenge you!!

There are many more volunteer events I am involved in, click on these links to learn more:

Community Fundraisers … each year, I choose to speak to 10 local groups as a volunteer. To qualify … your ‘group' must be in the Oakville-Burlington area, must involve volunteers & or be a fundraiser of some kind. Think you might fit into this category … contact me today. Check out the community groups that heard my presentations this past year.

Last but not least, to share with you, I Volunteer poem.


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